Linda Allen

Linda Allen Author of Famous eBook

Linda Allen was always healthy before she suffer repeated attacks of candida in her early thirties. She suffered the known symptoms the overgrown candida albicans fungi. She also became a victim of regular heart burns, fatigues, bloated stomach, rashes and cramps.

Conventional Remedies

She took the conventional remedies to get rid of the infection and its accompanying ailments. She used counter drugs and’ prescription medications.

Linda Allen soon realized that the relief was temporary and the yeast infection returned.

She even tried some home remedies. She found out there was no proper documented holistic remedies.

They did not work on a permanent basis.

Holistic Research and Solution

She began to look into finding the cause of the infection and why other ailments were associated with it. Linda Allen did seven years of intensive holistic research, interviews, learning from her and other yeast infection sufferers’ experiences. She analyzed results and wrote down her findings in her well known eBook Yeast Infection No More. It is considered the bible on yeast infection cure.

She found

  • The causes, types, symptoms and complications of the candida yeast infection
  • that the conventional treatment which cause short term healing.
  • that the holistic approach cause long term healing.
  • A Stop gap method to get rid of the symptoms in twelve hours during the treatment for a permanent cure.
  • The wisdom of cleansing the body and changing the diet. . She has a separate book on healthy recipes.
  • The importance of balancing hormones.
  • The need to find the right balance between acidic and alkaline setting in stomach and the belly..
  • The importance of probiotics, exercise, sleep and no stress.

She explains all of the above and much more in her eBook. Click On Yeast Infection No More to access it.

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