How to Eat Healthy, Prevent or Get Rid of Yeast Infection.

Learn How to Eat Healthy and Kill the Yeast

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When we speak about eating healthy, we must refer back to real food. Consider the good Carbohydrates, the unrefined ones. Eating them is good in many ways. You control your weight, increase your energy and achieve and maintain good health. You also prevent yeast infection. If you have it, they help in getting rid of it. Some of the good Carbohydrates make up the yeast infection diet . This diet prevents the overgrowth of the candida albicans fungi.

The good protein and good fats are also healthy foods.

Eating the refined carbohydrates and fatty proteins with saturated fat, add to the epidemic of many diseases. Some examples are overweight, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Not only the peoples of North America and some other Western countries are victims. People from other countries who give up their healthy eating habits for the Western diet are also becoming victims.

This unhealthy way of eating is passed on to the kids, so the epidemic spreads and will continue to do so if it is not harnessed.

Public Education in Nutrition is greatly needed to curb this impending global health disaster.

The good carbohydrates are

  • effective in controlling the level of blood sugar and preventing the over production of insulin and storage of fat.
  • High in fiber, prevent overeating. They give you a feeling of fullness. They easily and slowly transport the food along the digestive system, minimizing constipation.

Some of these foods are whole vegetables, whole fruits, beans, legumes, 100% whole grains, seeds and nuts.

The bad Carbohydrates are

  • Refined foods, which the manufacturers can transport easily. They are more consumer friendly.
  • Of little or no nutritional value.
  • Responsible for the spike of blood sugar levels.
  • Easily stored as fat.

Some of these foods are white sugar, white flour and rice, pasta, bleached and enriched wheat flour, potato chips, cakes and cupcakes.

So here is some advice on how to eat healthy and prevent overweight and the occurrence of yeast infection.

  • Avoid junk food
  • Use a Variety of fruits and vegetables. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 – states that I/2 your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables.
  • Snack on cut up vegetables, seeds and nuts, instead of potato chips and cakes. Remember the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’.
  • Consume green, leafy vegetables
  • Prepare recipes with beans and legumes
  • If grains must be in your diet use 100% whole grain.

If possible, always use organically grown foods.

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