Candida Cleanse – The Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection

Candida Cleanse Is The First Step To Candida Cure

Why Candida Cleanse?

  • The unhealthy foods we eat,
  • lack of exercise and
  • stress caused by our modern lifestyle in this fast food era

stress out our colon which harbors the waste matter from our bodies if it is not eliminated and it becomes solidified in the colon.

If we do not live a healthy lifestyle, a regular cleansing program therefore becomes very necessary. In the absence of this, the waste matter can be trapped for years even decades, slowly releasing harmful toxins in our bodies. This serves as a breeding ground for candida colonies and can surely candida yeast infection if steps are not taken to cleanse the body of the candida.

What is candida cleanse? It is using candida cleanse diet to get rid of candida from your body. It brings the fungi overgrowth under control as long as eating the healthy candida diet foods continues.

Most women and men tend to use the over the counter (otc) candida medication to get rd of the candida overgrowth symptoms which are making them uncomfortable to the extent that they become unbearable most times. They therefore settle for the quick fix only to experience a recurrence in the future.

These Over the Counter remedies only provide short term relief of the symptoms. The symptoms return and the candida becomes chronic.

The candida sufferer gets upset as there seems to be no lasting relief in sight for a vaginal yeast infection treatment to get rid of the suffering in the long term.

I know, because I see my wife suffering from the intense vaginal itching and burning, until she found a permanent solution. She followed the candida cleanse program detailed in the sought after #1 rated eBook on the subject. The book is Yeast Infection No More By Linda Allen. You can get it at

As a sexual partner, I suffered, not as bad as she did, from the symptoms of yeast infection in men until I found and used the male yeast infection cure from information gathered from her book . More about my bad experience of yeast infection in men may be told in another article.

If you are a sufferer, follow the instructions detailed in her book and you are good to go, trust me.

Coming back to candida cleanse.

What Is The Candida Cleanse System

The candida cleanse system is a program which emphasizes using a candida diet and probiotics for candida treatment. It emphasises natural ways to cure yeast infection.

What is the candida diet

The candida diet replaces foods which cause the candida fungi to overgrow. The candida diet food list does not include sugary food products. These include sweetened beverages in all their hidden forms. It replaces them with natural organic foods and complex carbohydrates.

Candida Cleanse Foods

The foods must be also be free from allergens, harmful hormones and toxins that attack the immune and nervous systems.

Probiotics and Anti-fungal treatment

The candida cleanse program also add the use of probiotics and candida supplements. Probiotics assist in adding good fungi and bacteria to the body and strengthen the immune system.

The anti- fungal treatment will assist in removing the toxic waste, parasites and toxic heavy metals which can lead to many other diseases.

How do I know when the system is working?

You will know when the candida cleanse is working. You may experience slight headaches, nausea, loss of appetite. Do not be dismayed, it is not unusual. It is your body’s reaction to the candida cleanse diet. The candida die off, which is really the ‘dying off’ of the overgrown yeast and bacteria which have accumulated, is what you may be experiencing. This is called the Candida die off syndrome.

The death releases toxins in amounts that overwhelm your filtration system. The unusual effect would be your body’s reaction to the huge amount of toxins released. As the body adjusts and copes, you will start feeling like a new healthy being. A fact.

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Apply the information on the candida cleanse and you are well on your way to cure the yeast infection permanently.


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